I recently discovered how easy it is to bake a chicken. Just cover with oil and herbs then stuff with citrus and herbs and bake. Then I took it a step further with this Caribbean Jerk recipe and a marinade step. With only 20 minutes of active prepping and voila, an entire Caribbean jerk chicken baked for you, your family, your friends, and maybe the neighborhood to enjoy!


It makes so much chicken when feeding one person! Plus the brand I buy comes with some organ meat that my dog loves much more than I do. Once I cook this chicken I have plenty for the week. You might even incorporate some of the shredded chicken into another recipe, like a chicken salad or barbecue chicken sandwiches.


I usually take all the meat off of the bone as soon as the chicken is cool enough to touch. I generally store the meat in the refrigerator this way. It seems to last longer when in a jar than when left on the bone. You can also save the bones if you’re interested in making a bone broth or soup! I suggest making the bone broth right away, but you may also freeze the bones and make it later. That being said, you can also freeze the broth which would be much more convenient when it’s needed in the future. (I know if I leave bones in the freezer they’ll never be used)

And remember, cooked chicken bones can be dangerous for dogs to eat so best give your dog something else to chew on, like an organ or two mixed with their dinner!

This recipe was adapted from the Wellness Mama’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Recipe