Bring the flavor of pumpkin spice latte to your kitchen with this homemade, dairy free version.

This trick cookie dough is based out of whole foods and made without egg, dairy, and gluten. Designed to be eaten uncooked!

A warming, pumping spiced trail mix that is much better than any trail mix in the store!


A naturally sweet ketchup that is kid approved.

Coconut Milk

Creamy, dairy free milk.

Apple Butter

An easy sweet and sour fruit spread with no added sugar

Bitter flavors get the digestive juices flowing more so than any other flavor. This dish balances out the bitter flavor with sweet and savory.

So tasty and so easy to make. I generally have these available in my fridge for when I’m looking for a quick boost.

Home baked chicken is excellent to have around and this Caribbean jerk chicken is so full of flavor.

Recycle your leftover bones by making a full flavored bone broth. This one comes from Dr. Ed Bauman!


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