Gut Resolve Powder


Foundational nutrients for our guts.

Helps those with GI symptoms from mild to moderate.

Part of the Gut Resolve Bundle and Lifestyles in Nutrition’s Gut Healing Supplement Plan.

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The foundational supplement in the Gut Resolve Supplement Bundle. A supplement strategy to gut health. 

Gut Resolve Powder was designed to provide optimal levels of foundational nutrients for the gut. No gimmicky nutrients here. Key antioxidants, cellular regeneration, and gastrointestinal support.


  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant — also boosts glutathione production to combat oxidative damage — Connective tissue support for leaky gut — Low Vitamin C contributes to diverticulitis and is associated with gastritis
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant — Helps lower inflammation — Cellular proliferation
  • Zinc: Antioxidant — Strong antioxidant — Low zinc is associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diverticulitis, and poor tissue healing — Necessary for strong stomach acid — Required for tissue healing/multiplication
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine: Antioxidant — also boosts glutathione production to combat oxidative damage — Useful for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gut Resolve is the foundational supplement in the Gut Resolve Bundle and Gut Healing Supplement Plan designed my Lifestyles in Nutrition. Supplement powders are easy to take when mixed in juice and minimize the number of capsules that you need to swallow and break down.


  • 30 day supply of Gut Resolve Powder
  • 1 small scoop

For more severe GI symptoms and issues, combine with BONUS Gut Repair Powder. This duo adds up to therapeutic levels of key nutrients.

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