Digest Rev Tincture


Herbal tincture for weaker digestive systems and slow or stagnant guts.

Easy and convenient! Use before meals!

Therapeutic Dose: 30 Days

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The right mix of flavors and phytochemicals to stimulate the digestive processes so that nutrients are properly absorbed and waste is properly eliminated.

The right combination of herbs will provide the flavors that stimulate digestion and the phytochemicals to spark the physiological processes of digestion. Traditionally, these were bitter but Digest Rev makes use of flavorful herbs for a better experience.

Formula: Dandelion root, Yellow Dock root, Orange peel, Lemon Balm leaf, and Thyme leaf.

Flavor: A foundational flavor of Thyme with earthy and light citrus flavors.

This tincture is designed as a pre-meal digestion stimulant. The standard dose is 30 drops before a meal but some people find positive effects with as little as 5 drops before meals. Taken on the tongue or in ΒΌ cup of water.

Herbal tinctures contain alcohol.


  • 1 oz Bottle with dropper, small enough to bring with you (~10 days worth)
  • 2 oz Bottle with dropper, the stock bottle (~20 days worth)

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