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Uncontrolled inflammation is necessary to correct when improving our health. So many conditions today are influenced or caused in part by inflammation. While there can be many reasons why a person is inflamed, there is one dietary factor that is necessary to address, the Omega Ratio.  The Omega Ratio is the ratio between the polyunsaturated […]

Lemon pepper fish and potatoes

The process of eating right and living a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone. Our bodies process foods differently, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet out there, despite what the advertisements and infomercials say. If you feel like you’ve tried every diet in existence with no luck, you don’t have to lose all hope. A […]

It’s September, and that means pear season. Here’s your intro on pears including how to choose and store them as well as the nutrient picture.   Nutrient Makeup The skin of pears is particularly high in phytonutrients (phyto- means plant based). These plant chemicals include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Some of the phytonutrients, like cinnamic […]

There are a number of types of nutritionists and they tend to bring their own point of view to the table. There are nutritionists licensed with the state, nutritionists with a Masters degree in nutrition, nutritionists with a certification from a professional board/association, nutritionists with a certification from a school, agency, or website, and even […]

Sea plants are edible “leafy greens” that grow in water. These plants are typically full of minerals including iodine. Incorporating sea plants into your diet can be great for your health but it may seem difficult at first. Many people ask, “How do eat them?” or “How can I tone down the sea flavor?” If […]

Ideally we all would love our veggies and wouldn’t have to sneak them in but we aren’t all there. Until we are, smoothies might be one of the easier ways to sneak them in. The powerful flavor of the fruit and booster foods overpower the veggies to the point that you can’t even taste them. For […]

When done right, smoothies can be very nutritious and so easy to make! And adding healthy fats supports this. Fats will slow down the movement of your food allowing your body time to thoroughly digest the food and absorb the food more slowly which will prevent an excessive blood sugar spike from all the fruit. Ultimately, […]

It’s easy for some people’s bodies to fall out of balance when eating in a system of processed, damaged, and manipulated foods. These people are the first reactors and can quickly fall into dis-ease when the body’s compensation methods have been maxed out. These first reactors experience metabolic dysfunction and dis-ease in the form of […]